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Ferro, Eva , Licht, Tino and Wallenwein, Kirsten (Eds.): Artefakte früher Mainzer Schriftkultur, Heidelberg: heiBOOKS, 2017 (Universitätsmuseum Heidelberg – Kataloge, Vol. 12).

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978-3-946531-56-2 (PDF)

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Published 02.10.2017.


Eva Ferro, Tino Licht, Kirsten Wallenwein (Eds.)

Artefakte früher Mainzer Schriftkultur

Universitätsmuseum Heidelberg – Kataloge

Despite severe losses the distinctive early medieval translation originating in Mainz offers enough material to convey former quantity and quality. Based on its remains, the labels, the subproject A08 of SFB 933 “Material Text Cultures” organized a small exhibition. This was supported by the Cathedral Museum and grew into the special exhibition “In Gold geschrieben” (Written in Gold) to which a comprehensive catalogue was published. On the basis of these articles, this themed issue documents descriptions of artefacts and material concerning the Middle Ages until the Carolingian era. The selection offers a virtual tour around the early written culture in Mainz.            

Eva Ferro, a medieval Latinist based in Freiburg, was awarded a Mercator-Fellowship during the winter term 2016/17 with the Collaborate Research Centre 933 “Material Text Cultures. Materiality and Writing in Non-Typographic Societies.”

Tino Licht is private lecturer and head of the department for Latin Philology of the Middle Ages and the Modern Era at the Historisches Seminar of Heidelberg University. Within the SFB 933 he manages the subproject „Relic Labels. Materiality and Presence in a Neglected Type of Early Medieval Writing Practice.”

Kirsten Wallenwein’s scholarly practice is mainly concerned with Latin manuscrips from the early Middle Ages. Currently she works as a research assistant on the above-mentioned medieval subproject.

Tino Licht
Schriftkultur im vorkarolingischen Mainz
Tino Licht
Grabstein des Priesters Badegisel – Römische Bestattung im Runengewand
Tino Licht
Grabstein des Dructacharius – Verzweifeltes Lied
Tino Licht
Grabstein des Abts Pertram – Am Rande der alten Grabkultur
Tino Licht
Reliquienauthentiken aus Mainzer Bestand – Von Bonifatius unbeeindruckt
Tino Licht
Handschriften im karolingischen Mainz
Kirsten Wallenwein
Augustinus: De Genesi ad litteram – Augustinus über die Schöpfung
Kirsten Wallenwein
Fragment eines turonischen Pandekten – Impression karolingischer Serienproduktion
Kirsten Wallenwein
Eugippiusfragment – Augustinus in einem Band
Tino Licht
Hieronymusfragment – Leitfaden zur Matthäuslektüre
Eva Ferro
Palimpsest-Sakramentar – Ausgelöscht und neu beschrieben
Kirsten Wallenwein
Bedafragment – Ein Stück heiliges Northumbrien in Mainz
Eva Ferro
Evangeliar – Schrifttragende Artefakte zur Produktion und Aneignung von Wissen
Eva Ferro
Fragment des De rerum naturis von Hrabanus Maurus – Das zweite Leben eines Doppelblattes
Eva Ferro
Sakramentar – Ein Codex für den Mainzer Bischof?
Tino Licht
Hattofenster – Reich und weise
Verzeichnis der zitierten Artefakte