Charles VII et le conseil municipal rouennais
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Wintz, Elise: Charles VII et le conseil municipal rouennais: Communication, négociations, légitimité, Heidelberg: heiBOOKS, 2016.

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ISBN 978-3-946531-31-9 (PDF)
ISBN 978-3-946531-32-6 (Softcover)

Published 20.12.2016.


Elise Wintz

Charles VII et le conseil municipal rouennais

Communication, négociations, légitimité

October 1449: Charles VII and his men are at the doors of Rouen, ready to lay siege to the city. The French king claimed to be the kingdom and the city’s legitimate ruler, as he had been sacred king of France. Henry VI, king of England, was however also claiming to be king of France, a title he had inherited from his father. After thirty years under Lancaster rule, how did the people of Rouen welcome Charles VII? And how did he convince them of the legitimacy of his reign as king? Focusing on the sources of the city council, this book analyses the relation between king and subjects in Rouen in the years 1449-1461.

Elise Wintz graduated with a PhD in history from the University of Heidelberg.

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Chapitre 1 – La reddition de Rouen
Chapitre 2 – Le pouvoir royal et la municipalité rouennaise
Chapitre 3 – Rouen dans son environnement