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Bosch, Johannes, Fesenbeckh, Jakob and Patzel-Mattern, Katja (Eds.): Studienbuch Körpergeschichte, Heidelberg: heiBOOKS, 2022.


ISBN 978-3-948083-57-1 (PDF)
ISBN 978-3-948083-58-8 (Softcover)




Johannes Bosch, Jakob Fesenbeckh, Katja Patzel-Mattern (Eds.)

Studienbuch Körpergeschichte

The body has a history: this realization constitutes the starting point for a history of the body, with several related approaches emerging in the 1970s in various disciplines of the humanities and social sciences. This pioneering research on the subject forms the basis for a variety of studies in recent decades.

This book presents six theoretical approaches that conceive of the body as a historical and cultural object. After an introduction to the theory and methodology of each of them, an exemplary source analysis demonstrates that a theoretically informed approach can be used to create perspectives on the body in history that differ from its commonplace understandings. The book is aimed at advanced students and researchers with an interest in the history of the body and who are looking for a practical introduction to theory-guided work. 

Johannes Bosch is a PhD student at the Department of History at Heidelberg University. He is working on “naturist” movements in the early 20th century and researches the question of how the body should become the starting point for social change in these movements.

Jakob Fesenbeckh is a PhD student at the Departments of History at EHESS Paris and Heidelberg University. He is working on the relation between the modernization of economic leadership practices and political authoritarianism in Germany and France of the 1930th and 1940th.

Katja Patzel-Mattern is Professor of Economic and Social History at the Department of History at Heidelberg University and Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy. Among other things, she works on the history of women, gender, and care, in which she also deals with questions of the history of the body.


Table of Contents
Johannes Bosch, Jakob Fesenbeckh, Katja Patzel-Mattern
Johannes Bosch, Jakob Fesenbeckh
Johannes Bosch
Johannes Bosch
Kathrin Kiefer
Deutsche Soldaten im Zweiten Weltkrieg, Kriegsverletzungen und der Versuch einer Diskursanalyse
Jakob Fesenbeckh
Jean-Philippe Miller-Tremblay
Eine Untersuchung im Anschluss an die Beobachtungen Marcel Mauss‘
Jakob Fesenbeckh, Nebiha Guiga
Max Gawlich