Working Group on Theory and Education in Heritage Conservation

The Working Group is an association of academics and other professionals active in the field of heritage conservation at universities and colleges of applied sciences in Europe. In keeping with the interdisciplinary character of conservation work, the Group brings together representatives of a range of different areas, including architecture and building archaeology, history and art history, restoration sciences, landscape architecture, construction engineering, jurisprudence and urban planning, among others.

The Working Group’s nearly 140 members are drawn primarily from the German-speaking countries – in addition to Germany, also Austria, Switzerland and Luxemburg – but also from Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, England, Slovakia, Croatia and Romania. Since the 1970s it has been dedicated to the exchange of ideas and experience on the theory and teaching of heritage conservation among colleagues at institutions of higher education. The Group sees itself as representing the interests of heritage professionals and as such is a member of the German National Committee for Monuments Protection (DNK).

ISSN 2511-4298 (online)