LIDO (Lightweight Information Describing Objects) is an XML schema for providing metadata about cultural objects in a variety of digital contexts. Based on the international metadata standard, the LIDO manuals give valuable guidance for a detailed and coherently structured description of cultural objects in local collection management systems. In addition, they provide numerous tips on how the data can be prepared for optimal further use by third parties. This means they are made available in a standardised technical format according to the LIDO XML schema, including statements of all rights associated with the data and extensive use of controlled vocabularies. This enables comprehensive and accurate search results and opens up opportunities for further cross-linking and integration of information. The LIDO manuals from this series focus on art historical categories: Volume 1: Prints and Drawings is dedicated to the in-depth documentation of graphic arts, based on version LIDO v1.0. Volume 2: Painting and Sculpture conforms to the current version LIDO v1.1. and presents an application profile for paintings and sculptures, containing additional mandatory elements when compared to the generic LIDO schema. It includes recommendations for the cataloguing of scientific information and for using controlled vocabularies to improve data quality and reusability.

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