Art & Photography

This publication series aims at initiating dynamic, flexible, technically advanced forms of publication of research in the history of art and photography. It is a contribution to digital humanities as well as an experiment to link such tools to both new and traditional practices of producing new knowledge and insights. In focus is the relation between the arts and photography on a global scale, in depth-studies in the history of the arts based on original, new findings in archives and collections around the world, as well as forms of publishing short as well as long texts: Monographs, longer essays, introductory texts for digital facsimile editions of primary material as well as miscellaneous inputs are welcome. Is it possible to make use of dynamic digital practices, without losing the aesthetic qualities of art books?

Was it not the so-called “new medium” of photography that brought new types and technologies of publishing to the fore, and not least shaped the history of knowledge of art history? These are some of the inspiring challenges and questions that initiated the idea to propose and shape something new that is as well a bridge between traditions and the modern concepts of newness, between analogue and digital, and a platform for rethinking publishing in the arts. Publications can be fostered by collaborative as well as individual authors, ideally connected with digital projects and institutional databases around the world.

The editor holds the chair for History of Fine Arts and is director of the Centre for Studies in the Theory and History of Photography at the Institute of Art History, University of Zurich, Switzerland. The publication series “Art & Photography” supplements the book series “Studies in Theory and History of Photography”. Whereas “Studies in Theory and History of Photography” (De Gruyter) is a peer reviewed publication, “Art & Photography” will be founded on a network of authors and scholars whose expertise and research will shape the profile of this series.

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Prof. Dr. Bettina Gockel
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