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Regula Krähenbühl, Roger Fayet (Hrsg.): Authentizität und Material. Konstellationen in der Kunst seit 1900

Outlines, Band 11
Contributions to this issue centre on concepts of authenticity and their relevance to art since 1900, notably the referential concepts underlying sculpture around 1900, Piero Manzoni and contemporary art techniques. Essays on the Hamburg facsimile controversy in the late 1920s, Dieter Roth and computer-based art address the relationship between originals and reproductions. Authenticity in the sense of a specific relationship between a thing and its authorship is explored by articles on connoisseurial expertise, haptic perception of the artefact and the question of authenticity in media studies discourse.


Christian Nille, Von der Alltagsanschauung zur kunsthistorischen Raum-Kritik. Versuche am Beispiel der Vorhoffassade des Georg Forster-Gebäudes der Mainzer Universität

Bild als Ereignis, Vol. 1

The Georg Forster-Building is situated on the campus of Mainz University. Most prominent is its glass façade. The present text analyzes systematically the architectural design and its power to fascinate thus contributing to current debate and critique of visual art.
This leads to a major issue: Which position should art history take between the common perception of images and the scientific analysis of images and their perception? In the course of this paper an answer will be provided which will draw on art history, philosophy of science and current sociology of space in order to formulate an art historical critique of space.


Ian Verstegen, Federico Barocci and the Science of Drawing in Early Modern ltaly

Federico Barocci has firmly entered the canon of late Renaissance and early Baroque art history. Yet even after monographs and exhibitions, his working procedure still resists complete understanding. The following book is a structural examination of the working practice of Federico Barocci, shedding light on each of the kinds of drawings he produced in the execution of a typical painting. The book seeks out the logic of Barocci’s practices, which may seem idealized but is nonetheless quite real. In the end, this book provides a master key for understanding the function and constitution of Barocci's remarkable graphic production.


Gudrun Knaus, Regine Stein, Angela Kailus, LIDO-Handbuch für die Erfassung und Publikation von Metadaten zu kulturellen Objekten

Volume 1 of the LIDO-Handbook, focusing on graphic arts, was developed in close cooperation with the members of the international network Graphik vernetzt. In order to link data from different collection systems in museums and libraries on cross-collection platforms, common standards for data content and data structure have to be applied. This practical guide lists all relevant data elements for the description of drawings and prints. Each data element contains a definition, advice for cataloguing, examples as well as additional information relevant when exporting data to the LIDO-XML format.


Marlen Schneider, Ulrike Kern (Hrsg.), Imitatio – Aemulatio – Superatio: Bildpolitiken in transkultureller Perspektive. Thomas Kirchner zum 65. Geburtstag

Aemulative Handlungen wirken sich oft progressiv aus, sei es durch innovative Adaption, Modulation oder Perfektion von bereits Vorhandenem, aber auch durch ironische Brechung mit traditionellen Sehgewohnheiten. Diese Prozesse, durch die kulturelle, soziale und mediale Gegebenheiten sowohl in der Produktion als auch in der Rezeption von Kunst neu verhandelt werden, bilden den thematischen Schwerpunkt des Bandes. Vorgestellt wird eine epochen- und kulturraumübergreifende Perspektive auf den fortwährenden Bedeutungswandel visueller Zeichen und künstlerischer Verfahren. Die in den Fallstudien untersuchte Konfrontation verschiedener historischer, kultureller und ästhetischer Kontexte vermag es, den Kunstdiskurs zu dynamisieren, neue Sichtweisen zu eröffnen, und die anhaltende gesellschaftliche Brisanz von aktueller Kunst und Werken vergangener Epochen deutlich zu machen.
Die Thomas Kirchner gewidmete Festschrift wird von Ulrike Kern und Marlen Schneider herausgegeben.


Blanca Gutiérrez Galindo , “En la República Democrática Alemana la pintura es más alemana”

This volume presents three articles that reflect on the reception of the art legacy of the GDR in the years following the Reunification of Germany. The aim is to offer Spanish speaking readers a wider perspective of the art scene in Germany that is no longer restricted to the art of the former West Germany. The first article deals with the most important exhibitions of painting of the GDR. The second one examines the case of the painter Bernhard Heisig, whose numerous paintings have been interpreted by West German historians as an Aufarbeitung der Vergangenheit. The third one gives an overview of the art scene in the 1940s in the GDR.


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