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New Titles



Maren Manzl: Intermedialität im Werk von Gregory Crewdson

Born in 1962 in Brooklyn, photographer Gregory Crewdson stages large-format photographs with a view to the melancholic and alienated life in American suburbs. The main themes are apparently randomly captured scenes of interiors, front gardens, and street exits, in which the protagonists usually seem to be introverted. In her recently published monograph, Maren Manzl presents the visual artist's entire oeuvre in the context of painting, film and photography. Crewdson's photographs are juxtaposed with works by Hopper, Eggleston, Wall and Sternfeld as well as films by Lynch, Spielberg and Hitchcock.


Heide Grape-Albers (Hrsg.): Die holländischen und flämischen Gemälde des 17. Jahrhunderts

With the inventory catalogue of Dutch and Flemish paintings of the 17th century, the Lower Saxony State Gallery in the year 2000 concluded the series of four volumes on the Old Master paintings in its collection, which was begun in 1990. Over 200 paintings by Dutch and Flemish masters are now assembled in the State Gallery. These include works by Peter Paul Rubens, Jacob Jordaens, Frans Snyders, Anton van Dyck, Gerrit Dou, Arent de Gelder, Carel and Barend Fabritius or Nicolaes Maes.


ICOM Deutschland, Markus Walz (Hrsg.): Museum: ausreichend. Die ‚untere Grenze‘ der Museumsdefinition. Tagungsband des Internationalen Bodensee-Symposiums 2018

When is a museum a museum? In 2018, the German-Swiss-Austrian Lake Constance Symposium dealt with the question of which criteria define a museum, using interesting case studies. The authors examine the topic from different perspectives, as can be read in the new volume of Beiträge zur Museologie.


María López-Fanjul y Díez del Corral (Hrsg.): The Second Glance. All Forms of Love

"The second glance" is a new series of exhibitions which deals with the Bode-Museum's permanent exhibition on the basis of current socially relevant topics. "Varieties of Love", the first part of the series, takes a second glance at works which deal with the diversity of sexual identities.


Melanie Kraft: historia, narratio, exemplum. Jörg Breu d. Ä. und die Historienbilder für das Herzoghaus München

The Augsburg artist Jörg Breu the Elder (1475/80 - 1540) worked for numerous high-ranking clients, such as Maximilian I, the Fugger or the Ducal House Munich, from which one of his most prestigious commission went out: For the so-called history paintings he created the history of Lucretia and the Battle of Zama. Based on these panels, this new study focuses on the narrative strategy and the image theorem of Breu in the context of his œuvre and his contemporaries. For the first time, Breus' pictorial inventions are analyzed in order to make a hitherto neglected painter of the German Renaissance more tangible.


Katja Lembke (Hrsg.): best of. 111 Geschichten aus dem Weltenmuseum

A special museum guide: The reader learns exciting details about 111 exhibits of the collection of the WeltenMuseum in Hanover. Spanning space and time, they tell stories about nature, people and art. From long extinct creatures to centuries-old treasures to the world's largest collection of German Impressionists. Entertaining and interesting - even without visiting the museum.


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