Beiträge zur Museologie

ICOM Deutschland (Ed.)

Difficult Issues
Proceedings of the ICOM international conference 2017

Beiträge zur Museologie, Vol. 7

Museums are the treasure troves of cultural heritage, places of remembrance and selfassurance. But whose stories are they telling? What is remembered in museums, what is ‘forgotten’? – Around 200 museum experts discussed different concepts of action at the international ICOM 2017 conference. Interim results: In order to secure their acceptance by as many reference groups as possible, museums need to communicate their profiles and environments proactively. They make visible different groups of the population, make their life stories heard and present them as equal parts of a shared cultural heritage.
The conference volume brings together numerous examples from European museums, with which the experts involved would like to strengthen the exchange of expertise and contribute to mutual learning.