Virtual Palaces, Part II
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Hoppe, Stephan and Breitling, Stefan (Eds.): Virtual Palaces, Part II: Lost Palaces and their Afterlife. Virtual Reconstruction between Science and Media, Heidelberg:, 2016 (PALATIUM e-Publications, Vol. 3).

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ISBN 978-94-6018-538-0 (PDF)
ISBN 978-3-946653-16-5 (Softcover)

Published 06.04.2016.


Stephan Hoppe and Stefan Breitling (Eds.)

Virtual Palaces, Part II

Lost Palaces and their Afterlife. Virtual Reconstruction between Science and Media

PALATIUM e-Publications

This volume deals with digital reconstructions and visualizations of palaces, castles, and other kinds of residential architecture of the early modern period. It focuses not so much on the digital modelling of extant buildings, but rather on the virtual reconstruction of ‘lost’ buildings – in particular of palaces destroyed or drastically altered, or which were never actually built in the first place.

The thirteen papers collected in this volume were first presented at the PALATIUM workshop Virtual Palaces, Part II held in Munich in April 2012.

Stephan Hoppe, Stefan Breitling
Krista De Jonge
Stephan Hoppe, Stefan Breitling
Virtual Palaces, Digital Images – an Introduction
Heike Messemer
The Beginnings of Digital Visualization of Historical Architecture in the Academic Field
Michael Rykl
Virtual Reconstructions and Building Archaeology in Bohemia. A Digital Model of the 14th-Century House U zvonu (‘Zur Glocke’ / ‘At the Sign of the Bell’) in Prague
Sander Münster, Thomas Köhler
3D Reconstruction of Cultural Heritage Artifacts. A Literature Based Survey of Recent Projects and Workflows
Dominik Lengyel, Catherine Toulouse
Visualisation of Uncertainty in Archaeological Reconstructions
Marc Grellert, Franziska Haas
Sharpness Versus Uncertainty in ‘Complete Models’. Virtual Reconstructions of the Dresden Castle in 1678
Tom Chandler, Martin Polkinghorne
A Review of Sources for Visualising the Royal Palace of Angkor, Cambodia, in the 13th Century
Olaf Wagener, Christian Seitz, Sven Havemann
Medieval Castles and their Landscape. A Case Study towards Historic Reconstruction
Stefan Breitling, Martin Buba, Jan Fuhrmann
Building Knowledge Spaces. Scientific Reconstruction and Modeling of the Medieval City of Bamberg
Ana Catarina G. Lopes
Virtually Rebuilding the Palace of Vila Viçosa in Portugal. From the Present to the Time of D. Teodósio I (16th Century)
Piet Lombaerde, Marc Muylle
Visualizations of Rubens’s Palazzos of the 17th Century in the Antwerp ‘Nieuwstadt’
Alexandra Gago da Câmara, Helena Murteira, Paulo Rodrigues
City & Spectacle: A Vision of Lisbon Before the 1755 Great Earthquake
Peter Heinrich Jahn, Markus Wacker, Dirk Welich
Back to the Future. Visualizing the Planning and Building of the Dresden Zwinger from the 18th until the 19th Century
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