Nach dem Erstcheck
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Andratschke, Claudia and Jachens, Maik (Eds.): Nach dem Erstcheck: Provenienzforschung nachhaltig vermitteln, Heidelberg:, 2020 (Veröffentlichungen des Netzwerks Provenienzforschung in Niedersachsen, Vol. 1).

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ISBN 978-3-948466-45-9 (PDF)
ISBN 978-3-948466-46-6 (Softcover)

Published 17.12.2020.


Claudia Andratschke and Maik Jachens (Eds.)

Nach dem Erstcheck

Provenienzforschung nachhaltig vermitteln

Veröffentlichungen des Netzwerks Provenienzforschung in Niedersachsen

The publication collects the contributions of the conference of the same name on 4 November 2019, that was organised by the Network for Provenance Research in Lower Saxony, the Regional Association of Southern Lower Saxony and the municipal Museum of Einbeck. Editors and authors discuss how the results of so-called "first-check" projects of provenance research for the search for and identification of Nazi looted cultural goods in city and regional museums in southern Lower Saxony can be sustainably documented, used in a participatory way and permanently made visible or communicated.

Claudia Andratschke studied art history, history and law and received her doctorate in Tübingen. She has been working as a provenance researcher at the Lower Saxon State Museum of Hannover since 2008, responsible for all departments since 2013 and head of the department of collections and research since 2018. Since 2015, she has also been coordinator and head of the Network for provenance research in Lower Saxony. The main focus of her work, research and networking activities is the search for and identification of cultural assets seized through Nazi persecution and research on cultural goods from colonial contexts.

Maik Jachens studied history and political science at University of Hamburg with his main focus on the history of national socialism and colonialism. Since 2019 he is trainee scholar in provenance research at the Lower Saxon State Museum of Hannover and in this function also responsible for the Network of provenance research in Lower Saxony.

Sabine Michalek
Annette Schwandner
Andrea Baresel-Brand
Claudia Andratschke, Olaf Martin
Christian Riemenschneider
Ergebnisse der Provenienzforschung in den Museen Alfeld, Duderstadt, Einbeck und Hann. Münden
Marcus Kenzler
Die Oldenburger „Restitutionssammlung“ als Beispiel für den Umgang mit NS-Raubgut in Privatbesitz
Impulse zur Dokumentation und Vermittlung
Von Ergebnissen der Provenienzforschung
Maik Jachens, Claudia Andratschke
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