The Second Glance
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López-Fanjul y Díez del Corral, María (Ed.): The Second Glance: All Forms of Love, Heidelberg:, 2020.

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ISBN 978-3-948466-39-8 (PDF)

Published 12.06.2020.

The first edition was published in 2019 on the occasion of the integrative exhibition project 'Der zweite Blick: Spielarten der Liebe' at the Bode-Museum.


María López-Fanjul y Díez del Corral (Ed.)

The Second Glance

All Forms of Love

The Second Glance is a new exhibition series that provides a multi-perspectival engagement with the permanent collection of the Bode Museum through themes of contemporary social relevance. The objects in the collections cover over 1,500 years of Europe’s artistic and cultural history, making them particularly well-suited for exhibition formats that deal with human identities and their artistic embodiment. "All Forms of Love", the first installment in the series, offers a second look at works that, in a variety of ways, provide access to the theme of the diversity of sexual identities.

Table of Content
Survey of Labelled Objects
In Love and War
Path 1
Male Artists and Homosexuality
Path 2
Art of Antiquity and Enlightened Collecting
Path 3
Heroines of Virtue
Path 4
Crossing Borders
Path 5
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