Transparentes Museum
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Görgen-Lammers, Annabelle (Ed.): Transparentes Museum: Dokumentation, Reflexion, Evaluation und Kontext eines Pilotprojektes, Heidelberg:, 2019.

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ISBN 978-3-947449-76-7 (PDF)

Published 02.10.2019.


Annabelle Görgen-Lammers (Ed.)

Transparentes Museum

Dokumentation, Reflexion, Evaluation und Kontext eines Pilotprojektes

With the “Transparent Museum” the Hamburger Kunsthalle has developed an innovative mode of presenting the collection that offers visitors insight into the core tasks and complex processes which usually take place “behind the scenes”: collecting, researching, preserving, exhibiting and communicating. With artworks of different media and times, interdisciplinary collaboration and participative communication it also conveys and critically examines the criteria that guide the museum in the fulfilment of its purpose. In the theory-based and practical publication the case-study is documented, reflected and evaluated in context, involving the many visitors’ voices as much as both established and young researchers.

Dr phil Annabelle Görgen-Lammers, Curator at the Hamburger Kunsthalle since 2003, responsible for numerous international research and exhibition projects and conception and project management of innovative collection displays. Numerous teaching posts in Art History and Extracurricular Aesthetic Education and Communication at various universities, among others Visiting Professor at Braunschweig University of Art.

Titelei / Front Matter
Inhalt / Content
Alexander Klar
Vorwort / Foreword
Astrid Kießling-Taşkin, Kirsten Wagner
Neue Anreize schaffen / Creating new incentives
Ein Interview mit den Fördernden / An interview with the supporters
Eckart Köhne
Mut zur Transparenz! / Dare to be transparent!
Dokumentation und Reflexion / Documentation and reflection
Annabelle Görgen-Lammers
Zur Konzeption und Realisation des Transparenten Museums / On the Conception and Realization of the Transparent Museum
Evaluation / Evaluation
Lara Bader
Weiter denken, erkunden, fragen … was schreiben Besuchende / Further thoughts, investigations, questions … what do visitors write about?
Lara Bader
Zur Nutzung der Apps »Mein-Rahmen« und »Meine Ausstellung« / Visitors’ use of the apps “My Frame” and “My Exhibition”
Stimmen aus dem Aufsichtsdienst / Views voiced by museum attendants
Auszüge aus Interviews / excerpts from interviews
Friederike Adolph, Manuela Breucker, Charlotte Flemming, Marie Knop, Sophia Plodek
Wie wirkt das Transparente Museum? / How do visitors respond to the Transparent Museum?
Zusammenfassung einer qualitativen Besucher*innenumfrage / Summary of a qualitative visitor survey
Der Blick von Außen / Views from the outside
Margriet Schavemaker
Transparent & lebendig / Transparent & alive
Die Zukunft der Geschichtserzählung im Museum / the future of storytelling in the museum
Florian Slotawa
Museums-Sprints / Museum Sprints
Julia Hagenberg
Transparenz als Chance und Herausforderung / Transparency as an opportunity and a challenge
Im Kontext / In context
Britta Lorenz
Das Konzept der Transparenz in der Museumsethik / The concept of transparency in museum ethics
Birgit Mandel
Inszenieren, Ko-Kuratieren, Diskursräume bereitstellen – die Erweiterung des musealen Auftrags / Staging, co-curating, providing discursive spaces – extending the museum’s mission
Kurzbiografien der Autor*innen und Dank / Short biographies of the authors and Thanks
Abbildungsnachweise, Impressum / Credits, Impressum
Anhang 1 / Appendix 1
Was war für uns hilfreich? Notizen zum Weiterführen / What did we find helpful? Notes to be continued
Anhang 2 / Appendix 2
Dokumentation – Alle Wandtexte / Documentation – the wall texts