The Model
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Gether, Christian et al. (Eds.), Rowley, Jane (Transl.): The Model, Heidelberg:, 2015.

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ISBN 978-3-946653-00-4 (PDF)

Published 14.12.2015.

The original publication was published in 2015 by ARKEN Museum of Modern Art and the authors. ISBN: 987-87-78751-07-2


Christian Gether , Dorthe Juul Rugaard , Stine Høholt , Camilla Jalving (Eds.)

The Model

Play, participation and relational aesthetics are central concepts in ARKEN’s research-based online publication on Palle Nielsen’s reinterpretation of The Model at ARKEN in 2014. This pioneering artwork – a gigantic playground for children – was installed for the first time at Moderna Museet in Stockholm in 1968. In connection with its reappearance at ARKEN, The Model 1968/2014 became part of ARKEN’s collection and is documented in this publication.

Three new texts approach The Model from the perspective of the curator, the art historian and the play researcher. What kind of participation occurs in The Model today? How has the idea of utopia changed since 1968? And what are the sensuous forces of play unleashed by The Model that generate its creative and formative potential as a playground? The publication also includes an interview with Palle Nielsen, as well as several of his own previously unpublished and reprinted texts. Finally, the publication includes the first comprehensive biography of the artist.

Christian Gether
Dorthe Juul Rugaard
The Model 2014 - A Model for Qualitative Participation
Anne Ring Petersen
Between Activism, Installation Art and Relational Aesthetics Palle Nielsen’s The Model – Then and Now
Lars Geer Hammershøj
The Model as a Site of Inspiration
Stine Høholt
”My Art is Not Made for the Art World”
An interview with the artist Palle Nielsen
Palle Nielsen
A Brief History of the Model
Palle Nielsen
The Social Artists
Palle Nielsen, Lars Bang Larsen
Social Aesthetics – What is it?
Mille Højerslev Nielsen
Palle Nielsen
The Model at Work