Friedrich Albert Schmidt, 1846–1916
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Gaus, Klaus Dieter: Friedrich Albert Schmidt, 1846–1916: Landschaftsmaler Weimarer Malerschule – Biographie und Werkverzeichnis, Heidelberg:, 2018.

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Published 26.03.2018.


Klaus Dieter Gaus

Friedrich Albert Schmidt, 1846–1916

Landschaftsmaler Weimarer Malerschule – Biographie und Werkverzeichnis

Third, completely revised edition 2018.

Friedrich Albert Schmidt, 1846–1916, belonged to the Weimar school of painters during the end phase of Realism and the transition to Impressionism. After studying art in Munich with Anschütz and Diez, the most formative years for his painting career resulted from his apprenticeship with Eugène Lavieille and his artistic friends in Barbizon, which was followed by more than five years with Arnold Böcklin in Florence. The influence of both masters can be seen clearly in his Weimar paintings and this influence continued well beyond the turn of the century. Schmidt reveals an impressive diversity in his artistic work which can be attributed to his various life phases and their associated painting periods, and which is also reflected in his choice of his tools. These range from large format oil paintings of studio work, up to paintings of medium and small sized formats from outdoor work, as well as etchings, watercolors and drawings in ink.

This presentation on the life of the German landscape painter Friedrich Albert Schmidt came from the desire to present an updated biography of the artist, along with images of his artistic work. Although he was well known and highly esteemed during his lifetime, today only a small group of art lovers of 19th Century landscape painting are familiar with his work. It is therefore the author’s objective to revive his work and communicate it to the current generation. Bearing this in mind, the presentation will primarily concentrate on documenting the formative stages of the artist’s life and his artistic painting periods. This third, completely revised edition of "Biography and painting register" 2018 records the latest insights about the artist and his work.

Friedrich Albert Schmidt is the great great uncle of the author.

Klaus Dieter Gaus, born 1940. Having graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Karlsruhe, he retired after a professional career with an international industrial group. After further studies in the sciences at the University of Heidelberg, he started his investigations into Friedrich Albert Schmidt which continue up to present day.

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Werkverzeichnis: Malperioden
München, Dachau, Bernried, Burgenland (Anschütz, Diez)
Paris, Barbizon (Lavieille, Corot, Daubigny)
Rom, Florenz, Ischia, Capri, Karlsruhe (Böcklin, Keller)
Weimar und Umland
Weimar und Umland
Weimar, Chiemgau, Riviera, Berchtesgaden, Dieppe
Weimar, Riviera, Capri, Kalabrien, Sizilien
Weimar, Schwarzwald, Ostsee
Weimar ab September 1913
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Nachlass Ferdinand Keller u. a.
1891– 1900
Weimar, Italien
Weimar, Italien
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