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Lausch, Marius: Sprechende Bilder: Architektur, Glasmalerei und Ikonographie der Kathedrale Saint-Étienne in Auxerre, Heidelberg:, 2017.

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Published 30.08.2017.


Marius Lausch

Sprechende Bilder

Architektur, Glasmalerei und Ikonographie der Kathedrale Saint-Étienne in Auxerre

It took generations for the Cathedral of Auxerre to be completed and yet the building shows a remarkable homogeneity. Along with the architecture, particularly the numerous cycles of images deserve recognition. These "talking Pictures" are not merely decorative elements but integral components of the bishop`s church. It is the interaction between many singular pieces of art by which the Cathedral Saint-Étienne conveys a realistic impression of the complexity of medieval sacral buildings and the religiousness of an urban society in the 13th century.

Marius Lausch, working in teaching profession, main research aims are: construction and iconography of mediaeval architecture and architectural history in general.

Erster Teil: Sprechende Bilder
1. Die Stadt Auxerre - Am Rande des Kronlandes
2. Die Voraussetzungen für den Neubau der Kathedrale
3. Die Kathedrale Saint-Étienne in Auxerre
4. Die Baugeschichte
5. Die Ikonographie der Kathedrale von Auxerre
6. Die Glasfenster des Chorumgangs von Saint-Étienne
7. Konklusion zur Ikonographie der Kathedrale
8. Architekturhistorische Einordnung der Kathedrale
Zweiter Teil: Abbildungen und Grafiken
Abbildungen und Grafiken