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Bayer, Udo: Vignettes: The Legacy of Jewish Laupheim, Heidelberg: heiBOOKS, 2017. DOI: 10.11588/heibooks.229.301

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978-3-946531-51-7 (PDF)

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Published 06/02/2017.


Udo Bayer


The Legacy of Jewish Laupheim

A great number of notable personalities who achieved extraordinary success in a wide variety of fields came from the rural community of Laupheim in Württemberg. They were not only remarkable for a small town like Laupheim, but also unique in all of Germany. Among these eminent personalities are, for example, co-founder of the Württembergische Vereinsbank and art-enthusiast Kilian von Steiner, artist and designer Friedrich Adler, composer Moritz Henle,  author Siegfried Einstein, and last but not least world-class high jumper Gretel, from the entrepreneurial family Bergmann, who was the inspiration for the movies Berlin 36 and Hitler’s Pawn. For the first time, Laupheim expert Udo Bayer combines a concise historical overview of the former German-Jewish community of Laupheim with six vignettes of these distinguished people.

Front Matter
Table of Contents
Kilian von Steiner (1833–1903)
Moritz Henle (1850–1925)
Friedrich Adler (1878–1942)
Hertha Nathorff (1895–1993)
Gretel Bergmann (Margret Lambert) (1914– )
Siegfried Einstein (1919–1983)