Die Cadolzburg
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Burger, Daniel: Die Cadolzburg: Dynastenburg der Hohenzollern und markgräflicher Amtssitz, Heidelberg: arthistoricum.net, 2018. https://doi.org/10.11588/arthistoricum.397

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ISBN 978-3-947449-06-4 (PDF)

Published 10.09.2018.

The printed publication was published in 2005 by Verlag des Germanischen Nationalmuseums. ISBN: 3-936688-05-2


Daniel Burger

Die Cadolzburg

Dynastenburg der Hohenzollern und markgräflicher Amtssitz

The Cadolzburg was an important administrative centre of the house of Hohenzollern in Franconia and ranked among the best-preserved castles in Germany until its devastating destruction during the Second World War. The Germanische Nationalmuseum (GNM) was involved in deciding how to make use of the Cadolzburg after the war, and assigned Daniel Burger to create a concept for a German Castle Museum on that location. This monograph is a result of this project. It contains the current state of research on the castle, a historical summary, an analytical building specification, followed by a description of the Cadolzburg in the context of other Hohenzollern castles in Franconia. Topics covered include stonemason’s marks, the fortifications of the market Cadolzburg, and torture in the castle; finally, a list of officials, inventories, and a register of persons and locations associated with the Cadolzburg.

Table of Contents
Zum Stand der Forschung
Historischer Abriß
Baubeschreibung und Analyse
Die Vorburg
Die Kernburg
Zusammenfassung: Die Baugeschichte der Cadolzburg und der zollersche Burgenbau in Franken
Quellen und Literatur
Personen- und Ortregister